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• Hey, it's Andy Samberg in "Black Hawk Down 2" ... oh, wait, check that: It's Sidney Crosby(notes) of the Pittsburgh Penguins, suiting up for his helicopter flight to the Halifax Dockyard, where he started his birthday celebrating with the Stanley Cup and thousands of fans. Head to the bottom of the headlines for Crosby video from today. [Lethbridge Herald]

Ed Belfour(notes) joins the St. Louis Blues as a goaltending consultant. Which, for a Blues fan, must seem like the Autobots hiring Starscream as an anger management consultant. [St. Louis Today]

• The Minnesota Wild are waiting to make a significant move on offense, and Michael Russo looks at whether bringing in Nikolai Zherdev(notes) might be that move. [Russo's Rants]

• Which players would you like to see in Hockey Hell? [Here Comes The Bruins]

• The Hockey News is apparently going to make some Detroit Red Wings fans rather upset with its 2009-10 predictions, and columnist Edward Fraser is going ahead of the tidal wave is a dissenting opinion: "The palette that is the Western Conference will certainly contain different shades in 2009-10, but the top of the canvas will still be painted Red." [THN]

• Joe Pelletier has the "Yo Joe!" fever, recalling some of the best hockey Joes and giving them "G.I. Joe"-esque nicknames. [Greatest Hockey Legends]

• If Canada's current generation of teens turns apathetic towards hockey, we may as well just move the entire NHL to Russia. Or introduce mixed martial arts in hockey fights. One of the two. [Calgary Herald]

• The 6th Sens assigns a beer to describe every team in the NHL. For example: The Nashville Predators are Schlitz. "Both have miraculously managed to have content that is worse than their packaging." [The 6th Sens]

• A great look at Jim Balsillie' resurrection in the Phoenix Coyotes ownership derby. [Out of Left Field]

• David Shoalts offers the latest news in the lead up to the Coyotes auction, including the chance that the NHL might have to name a relocation fee formally before the thing takes place. [Globe & Mail]

• Mirtle wonders if an empty arena would be better economically for the city of Glendale than concessions to the Jerry Reinsdorf group. As opposed to the Coyotes' traditional half-empty arena. [From The Rink]

• The Ottawa Senators sign 35-year-old defenseman Drew Bannister to a one-year, two-way contract. [Sens]

• Jared Aulin gets another shot with the Columbus Blue Jackets. [Sun Media]

• A Boston transit worker's hip check foils a robbery. And yeah, Greg D. just had to go there with the Photoshopping. [Boston Globe]

• Jeff Z. Klein of the New York Times takes us to task for covering agent Allan Walsh's disputed tweets about the NHL's "memo" to teams about not honoring the contracts of players who are injured in Olympic camps -- a memo that, as we reported in this space yesterday, NHL VP Bill Daly said doesn't exist. We reported what Walsh wrote and put it in context, as have other outlets throughout the summer that treat his Twitter feed as a news source (like during the Marty Havlat drama). When his news turned out to be unfounded according to the NHL, we updated our readers to that end. Should this tarnish Twitter as a source for journalists, as Klein suggests, or that of Walsh as newsmaker? Does the Times believe a bum source on one story should make everyone suspect of an entire medium? Does the paper really want to go there? [Slap Shot, and more from Snapshots]

NHL.com offered some great coverage of Jeremy Roenick's(notes) retirement yesterday, and Sharkspage has a photo gallery from the press conference. [Sharkspage]

Mike Ribeiro(notes) of the Dallas Stars on playing in Montreal next season for the first time since he was traded: "It will be a good trip and an exciting game for me." Well, that's one way to put it. [Dallas Stars]

Jiri Hudler(notes) has flown to the KHL. And yeah, Mazarin just had to go there with the Photoshopping. [PD]

• Taking a look at the Los Angeles Kings' offseason, which Stiles thinks has been a bit of a snooze. [HLOG]

• Finally, as mentioned above, it's Sidney Crosby's birthday as well as his day with the Stanley Cup in Cole Harbour. Over on NHL.com, they're covering this like a visit from the Pope, including this video of Sid playing dress-up and bringing Stanley to the people:

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