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Brian Burke runs to the phone, calls up Reebok, demands immediate logo change for the Toronto Maple Leafs ...

The genius of readers like Kyle L. -- he's the wicked one behind that New York Drylanders jersey -- made us feel good about introducing the addictive, time-sucking Sporting Store hockey jersey generator into your lives earlier this week. As usual, your creativity has inspired the works of art and tasteless humor one has come to expect from Puck Daddy galleries. Thank you again for participating.

Coming up, reader-submitted jerseys for teams spanning from the Pittsburgh Penguins to the New York Yankees (uh-huh) to the Hamilton BlackBerrys.

And here ... we ... go.

Puck Buddy Arjun sends in this Hamilton BlackBerrys jersey that's sure to be a collector's item now that the NHL has made it clear that the city married the wrong spouse (ouch, via Mirtle). The Carolina Hurricanes approve of your awkward edging on the bottom of the sweater.

This was sent in by Don Baker, whom we pretended for a moment was actually Joe Don Baker because we love the "Mitchell" episode of MST3K so much. It's a wonderful tribute to the Hartford Whalers ... which goes from Whale to Fail because he put his own name on the darn thing.

Old Memes Die Hard on Puck Daddy, Vol. 1: The Gloating Bruins Fan third jersey by Bort.

Peter L. pays tribute to Cleveland's storied history in the nautical shipping industry, and its multicultural workforce.

We have a sneaking suspicion that John The Goalie, who sent in the above, may not in fact be a fan of the Penguins. Although the Trix Rabbit just ordered 50 of these.

The New York Rangers look at their payroll and propensity for bandwagon fans, make the necessary adjustment to their sweaters.

Jokes aside, the hockey stick in the logo is a nice touch. (Thanks to Gordon L.)

Old Memes Die Hard on Puck Daddy, Vol. 2: Chris R.'s Malkin To The Kings tribute manages to also evoke the much-lamented former third jersey for the Los Angeles Kings. Awesome.

This is actually a pretty killer hockey jersey for the Phoenix Coyotes by Chris R., although not really in keeping with the peyote fever dreams and dog fetishes of previous sweaters.

We're pretty sure Reggie Dunlop would have hated Dave R.'s Charlestown Chiefs imagined third jersey. And that Ned Braden would have worn it in a striptease.

The Detroit Red Wings escalate their war with Minnesota, slap "Hockeytown" on the front of the sweater. (Thanks to Nathan.)

Honestly, we have no idea what's going on here. But if any NHL team is looking to change its uniforms, we must inform you that neon yellow, neon green and a hamburger logo appear to be the intellectual property of Robert D.

Don't get it? Eric B. explains:

"When Baltimore has a pro-hockey team ... the Charm City Homicides!"

Classic, right down to the Ravens colors and the Richard Belzer reference. The only way this gets any better is if we had a little nod to "The Wire."

Finally ... OK, this tugged at the heart strings a bit. Rachel R's pink ribbon sweater. Remember folks: Give what you can, when you can, for a great cause.

All images featured here are generated by the hockey page on The Sporting Store's Web site.

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