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Paulina Gretzky back in love with Twitter, but not unconditionally

Earlier this week, the hockey world was rocked by scandal as the 22-year-old model/actress of a retired player deleted her Twitter account. Parades are planned, we imagine, now that she had made her triumphant return to the social media platform.

Paulina Gretzky (@PaulinaGretzky) had amassed a following of fans for her whimsical commentary like "if the highlight of ur night is holding a 'expensive' bottle of alcohol dancing like a gorilla on top of the dj booth alone..u r an #idiot."

Oh, and also for her considerable collection of proactive and cleavage-bearing photographs. Those too.

Suddenly, that account was gone, right after a tweet that stated: "Having a nice sit down dinner with my dad about social media..haha #SIKEEE (sic)." The Toronto Star believes that conversation with NHL legend Wayne Gretzky led to the shuttering of her feed.

But the absence was short-lived, with Paulina Gretzky's Twitter reopened for business this week with a new avatar (a photo of her family) and this message to followers (via Jimmy Traina):

Paulina Gretzky back in love with Twitter, but not unconditionally

And within hours, that Tweet was deleted. Who told Wayne? C'mon, 'fess up.

So what gives? Is Paulina teasing us with words after effectively doing so with images? Is her father playing solid defense for the first time in decades? Is The Great One depriving us of The Great Ones?

In any event, welcome back Paulina Gretzky. Twitter missed you.

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