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One of the most popular posts in Puck Daddy history featured a law student named Kerry who had to miss a Florida Panthers home game to attend a formal dance ... so she created a Panthers-themed gown and wore it to the event. It left many a gentleman puckhead swooning.

Now another student, Lise from Canada, has upped the ante on hockey fashion. Her Little Black Jersey Co. takes oversized NHL jerseys and turns them into dresses. (If only the Chicago Tribune had know about this service during last year's Finals.)

The way it works: You suggest a jersey for modification; she tells you if it's possible; you send her the jersey (or she snags a "currently commercially available" one) and then she stitches it into one hell of a unique piece of hockey wear that stays far away from the sparkly nightmares of Shop NHL.

Her service, available via Etsy.com, runs from $60-$85. You can also contact her through her Facebook page.

Third String Goalie has an interview with Line about her inspiration, her process and what the reaction's been to these jersey dresses:

"Mostly good reactions, I get lots of girls interested in having me make them one, I've had people ask to get their pictures taken with me at games and usually some positive reviews from male Leaf fans. I have had one person who thought it was a bit sacrilegious to cut up a jersey. Notably I kind of felt weird the first time I cut into a Leafs jersey, but I've never ruined one, so I think it's OK, still supporting the team!"

Ah, and there's our question, in the spirit of Jersey Fouls: Is this sacrilege? Is it a Foul? Or is taking a hockey sweater and turning it into ladies' fashion a way for female puckheads to honor the jersey (and look good doing it)?

With that, we ask:

Pass or Fail: The custom-made NHL hockey jersey dress.

Stick-tap to Matt G. for the tip.

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