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Back in August, we shared a leaked sketch of the New York Islanders' third jersey, set to unveil early in the 2011-12 season. At the time, reception was, shall we say, less than positive.

Of course, it didn't quite seem fair to pass full judgment until we saw these things in (and on) the flesh, right?

Well, judgment day is upon us. On Wednesday evening, the Islanders officially unveiled their 2011-12 third jerseys during a fan event at their team store. Here they are on Ed Westfall and Isles captain Mark Streit(notes):

Pass or Fail: The Islanders’ new third jersey, now on people

The good news: they don't look exactly like the prototypes. The bad news: that's only because the prototypes didn't have big orange numbers on the front.

It's worth noting that, in an extra ironic twist, the Islanders unveiled this jersey on the very same day that the New York Mets effectively eliminated the uniforms with which these black jerseys were supposed to tie in.

On the plus side, with all the black marks on the Islanders franchise nowadays, it's probably a good idea to wear a jersey those marks won't show up on. Plus, it's not as bad as the fisherman... right?

Pass or Fail: the New York Islanders 2011-12 third jersey, now on people.

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