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After tweeting out this image, the following comparisons were made between these new Tampa Bay Lightning jerseys and logo revealed on Monday for next season and the following:

Toronto Maple Leafs

Detroit Red Wings

• The Grateful Dead

• Gatorade

• Shazam!

• The Flash

• Flash Gordon

• The Incredibles

None are all that incorrect, but calling this logo and jersey derivative is exactly the point: The Lightning are going for a simplistic, iconic look. They want their name to join that list.

GM Steve Yzerman name-checked the New York Yankees and Dallas Cowboys in revealing these sweaters. If that's the aim, we think they're on target. Ditching the back for blue is a refreshing change as well.

Check out the full gallery of images here from Tampa.

The team also announced every Season Ticket Holder gets a special jersey with a "STH" patch and a special chip in the sweater that will offer discounts on merchandise and record when the wearer is in the arena. Creepy or cool?

Again, maybe the new logo's retro charm -- in both an Original Six and 1950s Sci-Fi way - has us more enamored with these duds than the majority. We'd give'em a pass ... what say you?

Pass or Fail:  The Tampa Bay Lightning's new jerseys and logo.

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