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While the jerseys that the Philadelphia Flyers will be wearing during the Winter Classic seemed to have a different leak every week until they were unveiled last Monday, what the New York Rangers will don on Jan. 2 has been kept under wraps.

This afternoon, the Rangers revealed their jerseys in Central Park:

Pass or Fail: New York Rangers 2012 Winter Classic jerseys

From the Rangers:

The Rangers official NHL Winter Classic® jersey was designed in partnership with Reebok, featuring a retro style that pays tribute to the tradition of the Original 6 franchise. The sweater features colors from the team's "Heritage Jersey" with a vintage Rangers shield inspired by the original logo for the franchise established in 1926.

It's an interesting look with the modified logo, but the red, white and cream-colored leaves a lot to be desired.

Some Winter Classic teams have used a pretty-straight throwback for the game, while others have gone the altered-throwback look. We would have loved to watched the Rangers gone simple and sport the threads from the Stanley Cup-era, but of course, they wouldn't sell considering most fans likely have one.

And keeping with tradition, Rangers goaltender Henrik Lundqvist(notes) said he'll be wearing a special mask for the game that looks "like it's been in the closet for 40 years".

So, what say you?

Pass or Fail: New York Rangers 2012 Winter Classic jerseys

Photo credit: New York Rangers

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