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The NHL has obviously rewritten the rules when it comes to the All-Star game, scrapping the traditional voting and East vs. West format for a fantasy draft before the 2011 edition in Raleigh arrives in January.

That bold makeover has included the All-Star game jerseys, according to a spy report on the venerable sports gear site UniWatch. According to the source, the manager of the Carolina Hurricanes' pro shop spilled the following details about the 2011 All-Star Jerseys:

• The team colors will be white vs. blue. [Ed. Note: Photo above is from the 2002 All-Star game.]

• The jerseys will have the NHL crest on the front, along with the player's uni number below the collar and above the NHL crest. Someone asked if this was similar to Buffalo with the small numbers on the front, and he reiterated that there would be a number centered but below the neckline, and above the main NHL logo. He also noted that players will have the regular sleeve and back numbers in addition to the small number on the front.

• Last bit of info: He said that players will all keep their normal uni numbers, so we could have multiple number Xs on the ice for the same team. If Eric Staal(notes) and Jarome Iginla(notes) are on the same side, for example, they'd both wear No. 12.

Numbers above the logo but centered below the neckline? The hell? We'll obviously wait to pass judgment until we see it, but ... the hell?

The turnaround on swag for this game was always going to be a challenge, as the fantasy draft is Friday, the skills competition is Saturday and the All-Star game is Sunday. Perhaps by allowing players to keep their own numbers, it gives the pro shop and other merchants a chance to push product immediately after the draft without lag time for number assignment.

That said, the traditionalist in us is screaming over the fact that Alex Ovechkin(notes), Drew Doughty(notes) and Teemu Selanne(notes) could all wear No. 8 on the same All-Star team.

Pizzo actually made a great counterpoint about this on Puck Daddy Radio Wednesday: Having players keep their numbers would eliminate the annoying practice of players that are synonymous with one number having to wear another in the All-Star game because of a conflict. 

So, with all of this information, we ask you, dear readers:

1. Pass or Fail: The 2011 NHL All-Star Game jerseys, as described.

2. Do you own an All-Star jersey? If so, which one? If not, why not?

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