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On Monday, we reported at Puck Daddy that KHL President Alexander Medvedev told Sportsdaily.ru that SKA St. Petersburg is pursuing former San Jose Sharks goaltender Evgeni Nabokov(notes), who is a free agent still without a team.

Medvedev said: "We are negotiating with [Evgeni] Nabokov as well. We are hoping that we will be able to agree despite the competition from overseas clubs.

Late on Monday, Sportsdaily.ru reported that Nabokov and SKA could not reach an agreement.

But yesterday it became apparent that the negotiations are not dead and there is still a chance Nabokov will move to the KHL.

In an interview to Sovetsky Sport, SKA General Manager Andrei Tochinsky said that "negotiations with Nabokov are continuing. It's just we couldn't reach an agreement on certain issues by Tuesday."

Nabokov's Russian agent Sergei Isakov confirmed that the negotiations are still continuing. He told Sovetsky Sport that "we couldn't sign a contract on Tuesday.  But we are still looking for the consensus."

Isakov also said that the money is not the issue precluding both sides from reaching an agreement.

"I would like to indicate that the money is not the issue, but there are some living related details. Evgeni has a family, two children. On Wednesday I am going to meet with SKA's representatives once again. I will discuss those particular concerns,"  Isakov said. "I think that by the weekend everything should be clear."

And now we have a resolution. Sovetsky Sport is reporting that Evgeni Nabokov agreed on a four year contract with SKA of the KHL. Nabokov's Russian agent Isakov told Sovetsky Sport that "Nabokov will come over to Russia in the beginning of August with his entire family. We agreed on the sum with the St Petersburg club long time ago, and we were figuring out living related questions lately, which were related to the move of Evgeni's family to St. Petersburg."

The terms of the contract have not been disclosed yet. But as I said on Twitter, he will wear No. 20 in the KHL.

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