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You remember last season's NHL All-Star jerseys, right? The ones with the weird striping on the sleeves that Reebok said "reflect the new NHL" and showed a "more aggressive design".

Well, it appears that we'll be seeing them once again next month in Ottawa. The good people at SensTown recently came across what could possibly be both sets of jerseys, and if they are indeed what the NHL will be selling, the only thing different will be a different All-Star Game logo patch. Seriously:

NHL 2012 All-Star jerseys appear to be in reruns

If these end up being the real deal, what would be interesting is the league keeping the same design for another year. Remember, we're in the age of teams changing jersey designs on a regular basis so you can plunk down your $150 every few years because your favorite team added a stripe or jersey piping.

How many more jersey sales would be expected for this year's game by keeping the design similar and hoping you either don't have a jersey of a player from last season or some new blood cracks one of the lineups in Ottawa?

And now that we're going to have realignment beginning next season, any chance we can bring back the black and orange from the Wales and Campbell Conference jerseys along with those conference names, NHL?

Stick-tap to SensTown for passing along the photo

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