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Well, this is one way for VERSUS to grow an audience. During last night's Buffalo Sabres' win at the New York Rangers, the broadcast booth broke down a play in the Buffalo zone via their handy telestrator ... and the resulting image was enough to make the 12 year old in all of us snicker hysterically.

You know, we thought the Rangers looked a little stiff last night ...

For the video impaired, here's the fully engorged graphic. Who knew the NBC/Comcast merger would have such a lascivious effect on VERSUS' coverage? Or is this some kind of viral marketing component for their deal with Cialis?

Check out the kings of phallic telestrator comedy, Deadspin, for great moments in other sports. In a related story, Brian Engblom has been reassigned by VERSUS and will be replaced for game-night coverage by this man.

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