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Do you know why "man caves" and rec rooms exist? It's because someone has demanded that all of your cool stuff be restricted to a specific geographic area, usually out of the sight of haughty visitors who don't think your "No Ordinary Joe" Sakic poster is appropriate home d├ęcor.

Oh, if only there was a way to take your hockey awesome off the wood-paneled walls of the basement and into the rest of the house, to have it be treated like the art that it is. Graphic artist Mike Chuhon has answered our prayers: Minimalist NHL Posters.

Less is more: Behold the splendor of Minimalist NHL Posters

These are less-is-more posters for the Boston Bruins, New York Islanders, Florida Panthers and Los Angeles Kings. Very sharp; and they really make us yearn for a series of Saul Bass-inspired NHL posters, too.

See the rest of the images over on SixSix8.com; many of them work and some of them don't work out as well, but all of them would be welcome in any wallspace in your home or office (or on a T-shirt; Mike writes that actual posters and shirts are in the works).

Finally, a way to celebrate your hockey obsession while impressing your artsy-fartsy friends who simply can't appreciate the virtues of a hockey stick lamp.

Again: Check out the full gallery. It's worth the click.

s/t Pascal Assaleh for the tip.

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