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With just over a minute left in overtime during Monday night's game between the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Washington Capitals, Colby Armstrong(notes) gave Alex Semin of the Caps a couple of whacks with his stick after the whistle.

Semin whacked back and started jawing at him. Armstrong couldn't understand a damn thing the Russian was saying. So the Leafs forward responded via the universal language: mockery.

According to Corey Masisak of CSN Washington, Armstrong "made the bongos motion at Alexander Semin(notes) after the whistle" in what was the "funniest thing I've ever seen on the ice."

If you have no idea why this is a priceless retort, please recall Semin's fighting prowess against Marc Staal(notes) of the New York Rangers in a Jan. 9, 2009 game, in which he pummeled Staal on the ice while looking like a backup percussionist for a ska band:

Via Masisak, Armstrong said after the game:

"You guys saw him fight. That was a pretty good impersonation, eh?"

"He might not be much of a fighter, but he's got a hell of a shot."

Absolutely. Mocking that ridiculous fighting style should be a nightly occurrence for his opponents; but don't you dare ignore the shot of Semin.

We went back to find video of this incident in Monday night's 5-4 shootout win for the Leafs; alas, the CSN Washington camera cut away just as they were jawing. If anyone has Leafs footage of the "bongos," hit us on email. 

Meanwhile, we'll continue to wonder who would win a fight between Colby Armstrong mocking Alex Semin vs. Sean Avery mocking Max Talbot.

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