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Chris Pronger(notes) pops up in the most random places. Monday Night RAW. Hanging out with Snoop Dogg. Edmonton. Now, we can add another unlikely Pronger cameo to the collection: Charlie Sheen's Facebook page.

This image appeared over the weekend with the caption "Are you #WINNING? Chris Pronger from the Philadelphia Flyers is." Someone tell Charlie he misspelled "#INJURED."

So as far as the Charlie Sheen "WINNING" meme goes with hockey, we've gone from a full night dedicated to Sheen's malarkey in Bakersfield to a Washington Capitals T-shirt that sold out to Pronger showing he's a rock star from Mars by appearing on Sheen's Facebook page.

Chances Charlie Sheen shows up at the NHL Awards in Vegas: Good. Chances the NHL pays him under the table in hookers: Better.

Unless there's something else in that well of misbegotten catchphrases and devilish grins we've come to know as "Charlie Sheen," this pop culture fascination has been over since around St. Patrick's Day. But hey, congrats to Pronger: More people will see him on that Facebook page than playing the Rangers on VERSUS.

What we really want to see is the next evolution of this meme: Someone from a playoff team down 3-1, wearing an image of Jon Cryer from "Pretty In Pink" with the phrase "Duh-cky, Desperate" …

Via Sarah Baicker.

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