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Over two weeks ago, engineers added red dye to the fountain at Chicago's Daley Plaza in honor of the Chicago Blackhawks' playoff run ... only the process was a total failure, turning the fountain into a hot pink mess that had some tourists convinced it was a stunt for breast cancer awareness. The fountain was drained and cleaned in preparation for a second attempt.

The second time was a charm ... if one finds giant cauldrons of blood in public places charming. Seriously, Duncan Keith's mouth didn't look this ghastly during Game 4 against the Sharks. The last time we saw something like this, it was getting off an elevator to meet Jack Torrance at the Overlook Hotel.

But like "The Shining," this fountain is creepy cool and just another momentous tribute to the local team in Chicago, which is clearly making up for lost time when it comes to the 'Hawks. And really, what better tribute to hockey's most brutal and grueling championship tournament than the waters running red during the Stanley Cup Playoffs?

From photographer Kelly Hafermann via Flickr, here are a few more shots of the Daley Plaza fountain stained to the support the Blackhawks.

Thanks again to Kelly Hafermann for the images, and check out her Flickr page for more Chicago hockey iconography from the playoffs. The fountain is scheduled to remain red until "Twilight"-fan girls start showing up to try and drink from it.

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