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If you've read this blog for a bit, you know that the late, great Roller Hockey International and bizarre hockey-related swag available on the Internet are twin passions for us.

Thanks to eBay, they are happily married in one glorious $1,100 hunk of championship pride and careful anonymity.

That's right: It's your chance to own a ring from the 1993 Murphy Cup champion Anaheim Bullfrogs! Finally, a gift for the dad who has everything. From the auction post on eBay.com:

This Anaheim Bullfrogs Roller Hockey International  (RHI) championship ring was awarded to the players and management on the team after winning the Inaugaral (sic) Championship in 1993. This player had a long career. Originally drafted by an NHL team he also played NCAA, AHL, IHL and ECHL hockey.

The seventeen real diamonds in the form of a rink represents the 17 wins, the eight emeralds enclose the inside of the rink forming a zero representing no loses (sic again), and the single diamond in the center represents the one tie. The ring is size 11, produced by Talisman, 10k Solid gold, real emeralds and diamonds and measures about 7/8" x 3/4" across the top.

As stated above, the identity of the cash-strapped ex-jock desperately trying to unload an old trinket player who was honored with the ring is being kept anonymous until it's sold. Of course, thanks to the Hockey DB page dedicated to the 1993 Anaheim Bullfrogs, we find that only two players listed on the roster actually fit the criteria:

Brad McCaughey (Montreal Canadiens, 158th overall 1984)
Bill Horn (Hartford Whalers, 95th overall 1986)

That said ... it's a pretty bitchin' ring, no? Eight emeralds for every player, used only to form the number zero on their rings? Can't imagine why RHI went belly-up.

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