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According to Hockey Fights, Toronto Maple Leafs prospect Nazem Kadri(notes) had six career fights before Wednesday night: five in the OHL and one in the AHL against Francis Paré of Grand Rapids on Dec. 31, 2010.

Vancouver Canucks' forward Sergei Shirokov(notes)? Not exactly Ivan Drago out there, with zero career bouts in North America. And yet the Manitoba Moose's forward held his own against the Toronto Marlies' center in an AHL scrap last night:

Ah, nothing like seeing two top prospects (and the Moose's leading scorer, no less) engaging in a potentially injurious fistfight! Although you have to give Shirokov credit for not taking that slash like a punk.

As Kurt Penton of the Winnipeg Sun noted, that was a solid right from Shirokov during the bout. Gotta love the "keep throwin' them, keep throwin' them!" from the bench, too.

It was an important fight for both players in the Marlies' 5-3 win in Winnipeg. Not because either player had anything to prove or will see their stock rise with such pugilistic truculence; but because, based on the photographic evidence, their fight was being scouted by Paul Bearer:

Stick-tap to Steve Dangle.

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