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Watch the first 1 minute and 17 seconds of this clip, and you might wonder what all the fuss is about: There's a multi-player skirmish that results in Siim Liivik of HIFK squaring off against Arttu Luttinen of the Pelicans in a good tilt.

But stick with it, and you'll witness the rest of the chaos that resulted in an SM Liiga record for penalty minutes in a game. Wow:

That line brawl off the faceoff was some kind of wonderful.

In total, Ilari Melarti, Siim Liivik, Mikko Kurvinen, Niko Piiparinen, Petteri Wirtanen(notes), Miikka Tuomainen and Eetu Pöysti for kicked out of the game for HIFK. Justin Hodgman, Arttu Luttinen, Joonas Järvinen, Marko Pöyhänen, Max Wärn, Jyri Marttinen and Aaron Brocklehurst for ejected for Pelicans. HIFK Coach Petri Matikainen and Pelicans Coach Kai Suikkanen were also ejected.

In total, there were 465 penalty minutes in the game, and 439 of them coming in the last few minutes during the three fights. Tomppaaax, our official Finnish hockey buddy, reports "Pelicans and HIFK made a new record for total PIM in one match, during the last 30 seconds."

HIFK won the game, 6-3. Check out the Finnish language box score here.

s/t @tomppaaax for the clip.

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