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Certain athletes bring out the best in certain announcers. Howard Cosell interviewing Muhammad Ali. Jim Ross calling a 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin match. And, of course, Jack Edwards of NESN whenever Milan Lucic(notes) of the Boston Bruins drops the mitts, as he did against Eric Brewer(notes) of the Tampa Bay Lightning on Thursday night.

In which "TURTLE TIME" joins the Edwardsian lexicon ...

Oh, Jack Edwards, if only you could commentate life. Brewer has had 15 fights in 12 NHL seasons, in case you couldn't tell. Lucic scored the game-winner late in the third.

Now that the frivolity's out of the way ... did you happen to catch how Milan Lucic entered the fray between Dominic Moore(notes) and Nathan Horton(notes)?

From reader Dan DeLuca:

I know the Trevor Gillies(notes) incident has been a popular topic of discussion. I, too, feel like I have been more aware of plays like this but more in a sense of looking for items that show how certain incidents are "highlighted" by the media and some are not even mentioned. I usually check hockeyfights.com in the mornings and noticed this fight: Lucic vs. Brewer.

It is not the fight itself I have an issue with. Notice what Lucic does to Dominic Moore within the first 10 seconds of the video. It's a blindside, butt-end/stick to the head with what seems to be a decent amount of intent. And it's Dominic Moore, who had more than his hands full with Horton. It is this kind of stuff that detracts from the league - the selective discipline. Thanks for your time.

No, thank you. Kevin Weekes of NHL Network also pointed out the Lucic cross-check, calling it a "bonehead play." It was also mentioned in the Tampa Tribune's game story.

Suspension-level event? The above-the-boards camera angle muddies the play, because it could be a stick to the shoulder. But assuming Looch nailed him in the back of the dome, should the Wheel of Discipline spin for the Bruins forward?

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