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On the surface, this might appear as if referees Chris Rooney and Dan O'Rourke and linesmen Pierre Racicot and Andy McElman completely missed the fact that the Colorado Avalanche were peppering Vancouver Canucks goalie Roberto Luongo(notes) with shots late in the third while enjoying the illegal benefit of seven skaters on the attack.

But we prefer to think that Avs goalie Craig Anderson(notes) is just so awesome that when he's pulled it counts for two extra men ...

As Canucks Hockey Blog put it (and check them out for another view of the seven attackers):

How frantic was it? The Avs had the Canucks hemmed in their own zone for pretty much the last 2 minutes of the third period and threw 8 shots on net (4 stopped by Luongo, 3 missed the net and 1 was blocked by Andrew Alberts(notes)). But then again, the Avs had SEVEN guys on the ice by the end of it so what did you expect?

Check out around the 3:54 mark of these game highlights for the 7-on-5 flurry, as Vancouver hung on to win, 2-1:

The official scorers didn't catch the seven skaters either, only listing six on the official game play-by-play.

The officiating crew accidentally allowing seven skaters is rare but not unheard of; witness Oct. 2009 when the Montreal Canadiens played with seven men against -- you guessed it -- the Colorado Avalanche. All the Avs had to do was wait 14 months for the make-up non-call ...

Meanwhile, the NHL might want consider this individual for its next director of officiating.

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