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On the ice, Paul Bissonnette(notes) is a former Pittsburgh Penguins and current Phoenix Coyotes winger who has more career fights than career games in the NHL (56).

Off the ice, he was "@PaulBizNasty" on Twitter and was perhaps the most inimitable, entertaining and blunt NHL player to ever utilize social media — from politically incorrect musings about the sex appeal of female comedians to a series of photographs featuring homeless men.

Emphasis on "was" for his latter persona. Wednesday in our Puck Headlines, we spotlighted the Tweet you see above from Bissonnette, which was in response to the Ilya Kovalchuk(notes) contract being rejected by the NHL for an alleged violation of the CBA. It was deleted the same night it was Tweeeted, and he also apologized over Twitter, in case the remark appeared "racist."

Within an hour of our post, the "@PaulBizNasty" account was deleted from Twitter and his archive erased, as outraged fans started a "Free Biz Nasty" campaign to get him back.

All told, we feel rather terrible about this, because Bissonnette's Twitter feed was wickedly entertaining.

If someone forced him to drop the feed — the Coyotes, the NHL, his agent — we'd ask that you reconsider. If Biz Nasty ended it himself, we hope he realizes that one controversial joke shouldn't mean the end of something cherished by thousands of hockey fans. (Although it can sometimes mean an indefinite suspension ... but that was a sex joke.)

But if this is the end of the Paul Bissonnette Twitter Feed, we can think of no better way to honor its memory than with a look back at some of its oddest, funniest and shockingly candid moments.

As demanded by Puck Buddy Ingmar S. and Jeff Marek of CBC Sports, here is your PaulBizNasty Eulogy ...

And here ... we ... go.

Unlike a lot of athletes on social media, Biz Nasty was handy with a camera, and frequently Tweeted random photos from his basement, his travels and everyday life. Like, for example, a bird that elicited this comment:

"A bird is sitting on my hockey pants and won't move. Then it took a [expletive] on them. What the ef is going on."


Like we said: Glimpses into everyday life. And sometimes images that are burned into your mind, like a 6-foot-2 and 211-pound hockey player wishing his banana hammock had a place for his keys.

Once in a while, Biz Nasty would Tweet about his parents, such as this Father's Day thought: "im ganna call my parents house today and wish my mom a happy mothers day just to piss my dad off."

The photo above features Biz Nasty's father, and had the following caption:

"at my parents house trying to convince my dad to put his shirt on. He has a body like a milk bag."

Please come back to Twitter, sir.

Speaking of old men, this was one of Biz Nasty's classics:

"at pizza pizza at 3 am and this guy is pat quinn's twin. Had the whole place yelling go leafs go. That's hockey."

Of course, it wasn't Pat Quinn, being that it was 10 hours past his bed time.

One of Biz Nasty's strangest fetishes was photographing bums, like the one seen here:

"this homeless guy was in vegas, safe to say i gave him some money."

Hopefully enough to procure that mysterious 'abeer'.

He wasn't just attracted to any old homeless dudes, mind you: Just the ones that tried hard. Like this guy, according to Biz Nasty:

"Just gave this guy money on the side of the road. Amazing sign. Love homeless people."

Indeed he does ...

Just in case you were wondering which homeless guys made Biz Nasty's top 10.

Once in a while, Biz Nasty's Twitter feed would get him in some hot water. Like the aforementioned comments about female comedians, including this one about Lisa Lampanelli, who could be the only person in the world that might be able to take in a Friar's Club Roast and a street fight.

But mostly, his Twitter feed was used for some of the greatest hockey analysis in social media. Like Bob McKenzie is ever rating the Kovalchuk contract with the New Jersey Devils based on the number of lap dances it could produce ... although we do hear that contacts can be voided if they exceed 17.

Finally, an ode to one of Biz Nasty's favorite subjects: automobiles. Like his Ford F150, which has quite a gas tank, leading to this Biz-Classic:

"F my life. New personal best. Someone call the police. I was just rapped at the gas pump. Thanks bp, [expletives]."

The good news: He got a $100,000 raise from the Coyotes.

The bad news: All we have from the greatest player-Twitter feed in NHL history are these relics recovered from the web and the hope that, one day, PaulBizNasty rants again.

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