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Eat the NHL: Check out Foogos, food-created hockey logos

Remember that scene in "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" when Roy Neary's simmering obsession with UFOs manifests itself in his creation of Devil's Tower out of mashed potatoes?

One can only imagine the level of hockey obsession that inspires a New Jersey Devils logo created out of pasta and sauce; or a Vancouver Canucks logo out of watermelon; or a Philadelphia Flyers logo out of roast beef.

Foogos are (spoiler warning) logos made out of food. The Ghostbusters logo. The Montreal Expos logo. The Batman logo. And, of course, the Hartford Whalers logo and other NHL teams. These are photographs of actual food — pop art using edible materials (which, according to the FAQ, are consumed on the spot or at a later date).

Eat the NHL: Check out Foogos, food-created hockey logosThe mad genius behind this is an anonymous graphic designer who has a hockey blog and says he was a mascot for the New Jersey Devils; has worked at an ad agency; and lists among his other passions "marathon runner (50 races in 50 states is the goal), daylighting as a beach lifeguard every summer, and moodlighting as an aspiring professional wrestler."

Seriously, check out his bio; sorry Dos Equis, but this might just be the most interesting man in the world.

So, in summary: Foogos!

Pretty much our favorite thing in the world at the moment. Because if you can't appreciate a Chicago Blackhawks logo made out of hot dogs, pickles, mushrooms, sauerkraut and a ton of ketchup, what can you appreciate?

Check out 22 NHL logos that have been immortalized as Foogos. Bon Appetit!

s/t to Jen, a.k.a. NHL History Girl for the find.

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