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Every year, Team Marketing Report releases its Fan Cost Index for attending NHL games, making everyone gasp at the price of tickets and revealing how much it will cost an obese, materialistic family of four that refuses to eat before the game to attend a regular-season event.

Here's TMR on its FCI for the NHL, OK?

The Chicago Blackhawks increased prices 18.4 percent and now boast a $55.39 "average" ticket, a $115.98 premium ticket and an FCI of $350.58, which is sixth-highest.  They also have a massive season ticket waiting list and thousands of seats priced at $20 for season ticket holders.

The Toronto Maple Leafs didn't increase prices after last season's 7 percent jump and remain atop the ticket and FCI rankings with $115.96 average ticket and a $572.32 FCI. The Montreal Canadiens, Calgary Flames, New York Rangers and Vancouver Canucks round out the FCI top five.

The report itself (.pdf) is always a fun read, with little nuggets of information about the cost of various arena-related items around the NHL. Example: a hot dog at the Florida Panthers' game ($6) costs more than a beer at a Carolina Hurricanes' game ($5.57). What are they using, kobe beef? (And, as is tradition, please note not everyone feels TMR's reporting is on the level.)

Two seasons ago, we began using TMR's figures for an elementary math survey on one of our favorite subjects: BEER.

The Beer Cost Index uses the data provided by Team Marketing Report to tabulate the highest through the lowest prices for brew around the NHL on a cost-per-ounce basis. This season, we've also included a "Beer Lover's Cost Per Period," assuming one arena brew for each 20 minutes of play, added to the fraction of your average ticket price for that period.

Caveat No. 1: TMR relies on teams to report their own smallest-sized and/or cheapest beer prices, so fudging might be evident. Caveat No. 2, on Canadian teams: "All prices are converted to USD at the exchange rate of $1CAD=$.97187 USD," and the measurements are converted to ounces.

And now, because you're already thirsty ... The 2010 Beer Cost Index.

All figures are from the 2010 FCI report (.pdf). The average ticket price is that of a non-premium season ticket. The beer price is listed with the size in ounces, and then broken down by the ounce. The Beer Lover's Cost Per Period is one-third the average ticket price for a game plus the price of one beer, via the numbers reported by Team Marketing Report.

Caveat No. 3: We suck at math, so hopefully this thing is more accurate than most of the quizzes we took in high school that didn't have the odd answers in the back of the text book.

And here ... we ... go.



Avg. Ticket Price

Beer Price (oz)

Beer Cost Per Ounce

Beer Lover's Cost Per Period*


Montreal Canadiens



$9.72 (16)




Columbus Blue Jackets



$6.75 (12)




Nashville Predators



$6.75 (12)




Detroit Red Wings



$6.00 (12)



Phoenix Coyotes



$8.00 (16)




New Jersey Devils



$7.75 (16)




Chicago Blackhawks



$7.50 (16)




Edmonton Oilers



$7.53 (16)




Philadelphia Flyers



$7.50 (16)




Calgary Flames



$5.55 (12)




Atlanta Thrashers



$7.25 (16)




Boston Bruins



$7.25 (16)




New York Islanders



$7.25 (16)




Anaheim Ducks



$7.00 (16)




Florida Panthers



$7.00 (16)




Vancouver Canucks



$6.80 (16)




Pittsburgh Penguins



$5.00 (12)




St. Louis Blues



$5.00 (12)




Tampa Bay Lightning



$5.00 (12)



Toronto Maple Leafs


$6.53 (16)




Los Angeles Kings



$8.00 (20)




Ottawa Senators



$5.59 (14)




San Jose Sharks



$6.25 (16)




Dallas Stars



$6.00 (16)




Carolina Hurricanes



$5.75 (16)




Minnesota Wild



$6.75 (20)




Buffalo Sabres



$5.00 (16)




New York Rangers



$7.50 (24)




Washington Capitals



$7.50 (24)




Colorado Avalanche



$6.25 (24)



* Beer Lover's Cost Per Period is one-third the average ticket price for a game plus the price of one beer, via the numbers reported by Team Marketing Report.

Surprises? How about the cost of beer in Nashville and Phoenix? It's an interesting conundrum for a team: Lower your concessionary costs to lure fans in or keep them high in order to maximize the revenues from fans that show up.

In the case of teams like the New York Rangers and Washington Capitals, both arenas are located around any number of beverage dispensaries before a game. While the beer isn't exactly cheap at the arena, you get suds for your bucks with a 24-ouncer.

As far as the Beer Lover's Cost goes, $15.89 for a period of Dallas Stars hockey means you're having a beer and watching 20 minutes of puck for the price of a plate of fajitas. On the other hand, $26.73 for a period and a 'pint' at a New York Islanders game seems a bit extravagant, given that the team is rebuilding and the building is older than nearly every player on that team.

What's the beer situation in your arena, overall? Good selection? Overpriced? Or do you simply take care of your thirst without arena concessions?

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