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Taken yesterday, this was the window at Macy's in the former Marshall Field's space in Chicago, congratulating the Chicago Blackhawks on their championship with an ode to spell-check.

You'd think a company with Martha Stewart as a spokesperson would have been more meticulous. Pity we didn't get to see the Macy's on Market Street in Philly congratulate the Fliers.

Well, better a department store window than, say, the Stanley Cup, as Adam Deadmarch ... er, Marsh, will tell you.

That said: Is there any greater tribute to Chicago hockey bandwagonism than a misspelled "Blackhawks" in front of a Starbucks sign? The only thing missing is a guy in a Cubs T-shirt texting during the Game 6 overtime.

Stick tap to Katherine of Chicago for the Flickr'ing of this faux pas.

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