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As we mentioned on Twitter this morning, there's a report in the Finnish media that Vancouver Canucks defenseman Sami Salo(notes) suffered a pretty serious injury on Thursday. Here's the delightful Google Translate version of the report:

According to information received by the magazine Salon went to the Achilles tendon cross-section on Thursday, when he was playing floor hockey with colleagues.

Disability will be aware of Salo, at least four months' sick leave.

The Canucks have since confirmed Salo's injury, putting him out indefinitely. 

The Vancouver hockey media picked up the story, with The Province's White Towel blog reporting that assistant general manager Lorne Henning said the Canucks were checking into the report's legitimacy.

(Perhaps he means the team is waiting to see if the Salo news actually originated with a caller to a New York sports radio station.)

Usually, a player prone to injury will be labeled "oft-injured" in a story like this, but simply publishing the name "Sami Salo" serves as a worthy synonym. In his 11 NHL seasons, he's played less than 70 games in nine of them. Frankly, it would have been a bigger story had he been completely healthy heading into camp.

Nucks Misconduct has a rather wonderful graphic chronicling Salo's chronic injuries.

The reason this report could be significant, however, is because the Canucks were in the process of attempting to trade Kevin Bieksa(notes), shedding salary and a defenseman from their crowded blue line. If Salo's missing in action, would they hold onto Bieksa?

Ah, the perils of floor hockey. Glad we hung up the plastic stick back in middle school. Incidentally, we've been told the Finnish refer to the game as "Ball Hockey," which makes this the most painfully ironic story of the day, given recent Salo injury history.

(UPDATE: It wasn't ball hockey or floor hockey -- it was FLOORBALL!)

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