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Brett Hull trolling Sabres fans on Twitter is the best thing ever

NHL legend Brett Hull joined Twitter roughly two weeks ago, and has quickly achieved a BizNasty-level of irreverent entertainment.

First, because his handle is @2ndbesthull, a nod to father Bobby. (We'll go ahead and assume it's not a nod to Jody.) Second, because he's absolutely hilarious in a crazy old guy sort of way. Sample prose:

Brett Hull trolling Sabres fans on Twitter is the best thing ever

On Sunday, Hull switched his avatar to the image above and wrote, "New pic for all my friends in buffalo xoxo." Which is the greatest thing in the history of all-time, ever.

As a refresher for the youngin's in the crowd: In triple overtime of Game 6 of the 1999 Stanley Cup Final, Brett Hull of the Dallas Stars shot the puck on Dominik Hasek(notes) of the Buffalo Sabres, who made the save. The rebound went outside the crease to Hull's skate, and he kicked it to his stick. His left skate entered the crease, he shot again and he scored to win the Cup for Dallas in Buffalo.

Except … at that time, the NHL had a completely asinine rule on the books in which a goal was disallowed if any part of an offensive player's skate was in the crease before the puck. Other goals in the regular season that resembled Hull's were disallowed; his was allowed to stand, and the Sabres lost in the Final.

The rationale: That the NHL had declared earlier that season, in a memo to teams, that if a player was in control of the puck, his skate could be in the crease. Despite the save and rebound, they considered it one big possession.

It's been labeled as one of the worst calls in sports history, and Sabres players from that game remained bitter 10 years after it. As for Hull, he told the Canadian Press in 2009:

"We all knew that they had changed the rule," Hull said Thursday on a conference call. "But obviously the NHL decided they weren't going to tell anybody but the teams ... They changed the rule to say if you have control in the crease, you can score the goal, and that's exactly what it was.

"But nobody knows that. You can tell people that a million times and they just will not listen."

At least Brett's got a sense of humor about it. Wonder if Buffalo feels the same after all these years.

You can purchase the shirt at Born In Buffalo. It's pretty awesome, even when not being used by Brett Hull to troll Sabres fans.

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