Cleveland Browns

0-2-0, 4th AFC North
Team Player Date Pos Comment
Cleveland Cody Parkey 9/24 K Signed From Philadelphia
Cleveland Scooby Wright III 9/22 LB Pract. squad add
Cleveland Michael Palardy 9/22 P Pract. squad del
Cleveland Scooby Wright III 9/20 LB Cut
Cleveland John Hughes III 9/20 DE Cut
Cleveland Austin Reiter 9/20 C Active/prac. squad From Washington
Cleveland Charlie Whitehurst 9/20 QB Signed/unrest FA From Indianapolis
Cleveland Josh Boyce 9/14 WR Pract. squad add
Cleveland Gabe Wright 9/13 DT Active/prac. squad
Chicago Raheem Mostert 9/06 RB Pract. squad add To NY Jets
Cleveland Anthony Fabiano 9/05 C Pract. squad add From Baltimore
Cleveland Kevin Hogan 9/05 QB Pract. squad add From Kansas City
Cleveland Ed Reynolds 9/05 S Pract. squad add From Philadelphia
Cleveland Gabe Wright 9/05 DT Pract. squad add From Detroit
Cleveland Trey Caldwell 9/05 CB Pract. squad add
Cleveland Michael Palardy 9/05 P Pract. squad add
Cleveland Terrell Watson 9/05 RB Pract. squad add
Cleveland Kaleb Johnson 9/05 G Pract. squad del
San Diego Pierre Desir 9/04 CB Acquired from waiver To San Diego
Cleveland George Atkinson III 9/04 RB Acquired from waiver From Oakland
Cleveland Briean Boddy-Calhoun 9/04 CB Acquired from waiver From Jacksonville
Cleveland Marcus Burley 9/04 CB Acquired from waiver From Seattle
Cleveland Tyrone Holmes 9/04 DE Acquired from waiver From Jacksonville
Cleveland Corey Lemonier 9/04 LB Acquired from waiver From San Francisco
Cleveland Trey Caldwell 9/04 CB Cut
Cleveland Cam Johnson 9/04 LB Cut
Chicago Raheem Mostert 9/04 RB Cut
Cleveland Terrell Watson 9/04 RB Cut
Cleveland Rahim Moore 9/04 S Cut
Cleveland Dan France 9/04 T Pract. squad add
Cleveland Connor Hamlett 9/04 TE Pract. squad add
Cleveland Darius Jennings 9/04 WR Pract. squad add
Cleveland Kaleb Johnson 9/04 G Pract. squad add
Atlanta Taylor Gabriel 9/04 WR Acquired from waiver To Atlanta
Pittsburgh Justin Gilbert 9/03 CB Traded (for 2018 6th round draft pick) To Pittsburgh
Cleveland Marlon Moore 9/03 WR Cut
Cleveland Kenton Adeyemi 9/03 DE Cut
Cleveland Chigbo Anunoby 9/03 DT Cut
San Diego Pierre Desir 9/03 CB Cut
Cleveland Jahwan Edwards 9/03 RB Cut
Cleveland Mikell Everette 9/03 S Cut
Cleveland Dan France 9/03 T Cut
Atlanta Taylor Gabriel 9/03 WR Cut
Cleveland Charles Gaines 9/03 CB Cut
Cleveland Garth Gerhart 9/03 C Cut
Cleveland Connor Hamlett 9/03 TE Cut
Cleveland J.P. Holtz 9/03 TE Cut
Cleveland Darius Jennings 9/03 WR Cut
Cleveland Kaleb Johnson 9/03 G Cut
Cleveland Mike Matthews 9/03 C Cut
Cleveland Jason Neill 9/03 LB Cut
Cleveland Eric Patterson 9/03 CB Cut
Cleveland Kasey Redfern 9/03 P Cut
Cleveland Justin Tuggle 9/03 LB Cut
Cleveland Britton Colquitt 9/03 P Signed From Denver
Cleveland Michael Palardy 9/03 P Cut
Denver Austin Davis 9/03 QB Signed To Denver
Cleveland Stephen Paea 9/02 DE Signed From Washington
Cleveland Rajion Neal 9/02 RB Cut
New Orleans Paul Kruger 9/02 DE Signed To New Orleans