Atlanta Falcons

1-1-0, 1st NFC South
Team Player Date Pos Comment
Atlanta Terron Ward 9/24 RB Pract. squad add
Atlanta Blake Sims 9/24 RB Pract. squad del
Atlanta O'Brien Schofield 9/22 LB Re-signed/unrest FA
Atlanta Terron Ward 9/22 RB Cut
Atlanta Carter Bykowski 9/21 T Pract. squad add From Minnesota
Atlanta Davis Tull 9/21 LB Pract. squad add From New Orleans
Atlanta Nordly Capi 9/20 DE Pract. squad del
Atlanta Devonte Johnson 9/20 CB Pract. squad del
Atlanta Gus Johnson 9/13 RB Pract. squad del
Atlanta Blake Sims 9/13 RB Pract. squad add
Atlanta DeMarcus Van Dyke 9/10 CB Cut
NY Giants Laurence Gibson 9/07 T Pract. squad add To Chicago
Atlanta Joe Vellano 9/07 DT Pract. squad add From New England
Atlanta Joey Mbu 9/07 NT Pract. squad del
Atlanta Nick Williams 9/06 WR Pract. squad add
Buffalo Damian Parms 9/06 S Pract. squad add To Buffalo
Atlanta Gus Johnson 9/05 RB Pract. squad add From San Diego
Atlanta Deji Olatoye 9/05 CB Pract. squad add From Dallas
Baltimore Devin Hester 9/05 WR Signed (One-year contract (through 2016)) To Baltimore
Atlanta Nordly Capi 9/04 DE Pract. squad add
Atlanta Devonte Johnson 9/04 CB Pract. squad add
Atlanta Joey Mbu 9/04 NT Pract. squad add
Atlanta J.D. McKissic 9/04 WR Pract. squad add
Atlanta Sharrod Neasman 9/04 S Pract. squad add
Atlanta Matt Simms 9/04 QB Pract. squad add
Atlanta D.J. Tialavea 9/04 TE Pract. squad add
Atlanta Nick Williams 9/04 WR Cut
Atlanta Taylor Gabriel 9/04 WR Acquired from waiver From Cleveland
Atlanta Brandon Wilds 9/03 RB Cut
Atlanta Tyler Starr 9/03 LB Cut
Atlanta Joey Mbu 9/03 NT Cut
Atlanta J.D. McKissic 9/03 WR Cut
Atlanta Sharrod Neasman 9/03 S Cut
Atlanta Matt Simms 9/03 QB Cut
Atlanta D.J. Tialavea 9/03 TE Cut
Atlanta Will Ratelle 9/03 RB Cut
Atlanta Shayne Graham 9/02 K Cut
Atlanta Bryce Harris 9/02 T Cut
Atlanta Nordly Capi 9/02 DE Cut
NY Giants Laurence Gibson 9/02 T Cut
Atlanta Malliciah Goodman 9/02 DE Cut
Atlanta Cory Johnson 9/02 DT Cut
Atlanta Devonte Johnson 9/02 CB Cut
Buffalo Damian Parms 9/02 S Cut
Atlanta Collin Rahrig 9/02 C Cut
Atlanta Corey Washington 9/02 WR Cut
Atlanta Matthew Wells 9/02 LB Cut