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Oakland Raiders head coach Tom Cable supposedly clocked one of his assistants in the jaw (and broke it) this past summer and it's now becoming clear that he's done this kind of thing a few times before, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

An ex-wife and an ex-girlfriend are saying he assaulted them numerous times when they were with him. The Napa district attorney decided to not charge Cable with assault in the punching incident with the assistant, Randy Hanson.

Cable's former wife says he hit her in the jaw back in 1988 and she promptly got a restraining order and a divorce. His former girlfriend, Marie Lutz, says he assaulted her only last January.
Cable says that he did hit his former wife, but it was an open-handed slap.

So that must make it OK.

You'd think with a two game losing streak and a 2-6 record, Cable would be hitting himself instead of other people.

Source: San Francisco Chronicle

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