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Jevon Kearse

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Jevon Kearse is back on the field with the team that originally drafted him, the Tennessee Titans, after what could be classified as one good season in the four he spent with the Philadelphia Eagles.

At Titans camp this weekend, Kearse seemed to put the blame for his failings on the Eagles' defensive scheme, rather than a decline in his ability brought on by age or injury, according to an interview with the Tennessean's Paul Kuharsky.

"I'm still the same player, but that scheme up in Philly was different," he said. "All I've got to say is proof is in the pudding, so I can't even talk about it. Just watch and see."

Titans defensive line coach Jim Washburn pushed it even further. "He's a punch line of some jokes. In Philadelphia, he's a joke," Washburn said. "I still think he has some ability if he can stay healthy."


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