First person: Leather and Lace Party at Super Bowl 45

My friends and I gathered hastily in my house before leaving for Dallas. We had a pre-trip meeting today. We have our plane tickets and plenty of cheer as we have called each other and joked about our plans for many months. Going to the Super Bowl isn't a yearly thing for us and we are treating it more like the Olympics or World Cup. Super Bowl 45 offers some interesting opportunities. We grew up in the era when Dallas and Pittsburgh dueled for many years as Terry Bradshaw and Lynn Swan dazzled the world of football. To see the Pittsburgh Steelers with a record number of Super Bowl wins compete again is enthralling. For us though, the teams are not the sweet part.

Going to the Super bowl presents a unique atmosphere. The Super Bowl is attended my movie stars and television stars. You never know who will be in the crowd. The atmosphere is mostly why we attend. The tickets are frighteningly expensive but still available on E-bay. The cheapest ticket you can purchase there today is about $2,500 dollars. My buddies joining me there will be marketing agents, internet marketers, and physicians. I saved for quite a while to get my tickets (event and airline) and I expect to really enjoy myself. I haven't been to a major event since the World's Fair in China and our group is really looking forward to just kicking back and enjoying some guy time.

The parties and nightlife are legendary at the Super Bowl and the one in Detroit (close to where I live) changed downtown Detroit forever. Celebrities threw major parties and the cost at the door was outrageous. Hip-hop stars like P. Diddy had major events in Detroit. The door charges started at $250 per person and just went up. We didn't have to travel to the Super Bowl in Detroit but it was still quite costly for those who just wanted to enjoy the celebrity nightlife and events. The Super Bowl offers one-of-a-kind events during the brief weekend so we want to go to the game and enjoy the football mania as well. I have put aside $600 for festivities. The Maxim party in Detroit was considered the male ticket of choice around town. Hopefully the VIP Tailgate Party tickets for $560 a piece were worth the money. I'd know, I've never been to Arlington, TX but we will see. When you've been saving for a year, you just have to go with the flow. The Maxim party tickets were just too rich for my blood this year at $2,000 plus dollars per ticket. I know the Maxim party has become the event of the Super Bowl season, but it was just too much this year for me. My buddy the physician is definitely going but no one else from our group is.

We all picked smaller festivities to attend that weren't as pricey as the Maxim party. I picked the Leather and Lace party for $468 at the game, so hopefully I will see you there. A guy has to have a good time at the Super Bowl and Leather and Lace sounds like a real good time!

These were some things we plan to do at the Super Bowl this weekend. For us it isn't a once in a lifetime thing but is sure puts us in special place of fun, revelry and elitism. You just can't beat the Super Bowl. What weekend could be better than great football, swimsuit models and fantastic food?

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Updated Friday, Feb 4, 2011