San Francisco 49ers Get Surprising Grade in Free Agency: Fan Reaction

The San Francisco 49ers got busy as soon as free agency began in the NFL and haven't looked back since. In fact, in comparison to other NFL teams, the 49ers have probably done the most good so far in improving their team. They've filled holes, returned their entire defense, and have added some depth at certain positions. Being a West Coast team, the 49ers often get overlooked by ESPN, but recently they have given the 49ers some credit.

The Entertainment and Sports Program Network has given the 49ers an "A" for their free agency venture so far. I am certainly impressed with what the 49ers have done thus far in free agency, so let's take a closer look at some of the key moves that have earned the 49ers such a high grade from ESPN:

Re-Signing Carlos Rogers

One of the 49ers' needs in the offseason was going to be re-filling their secondary. After they put the franchise tag on free safety Dashon Goldson, the 49ers turned their attention to cornerback Carlos Rogers. Not only did the 49ers sign Rogers, they locked him up for the next four seasons. His play for the 49ers in 2011 was outstanding and earned him a Pro Bowl nomination. Hopefully his 2012 will be just as strong as his 2011.

Re-Signing Alex Smith

With the Peyton Manning circus briefly drawing attention from the 49ers' fans, Alex Smith almost parted ways with the 49ers. Coming into 2011 on a one-year contract, Smith put up the best year of his career under Jim Harbaugh. Harbaugh is a coach who wants to meticulously control every aspect of the game and that includes what his quarterback does. While Manning was a pipedream from many, having Smith back is just what the 49ers need.

Signing Randy Moss and Mario Manningham

The 49ers' wide receivers were not exactly spectacular in 2011 and in the NFC Championship game, just one pass was completed to a 49ers' wide receiver. Hopefully the addition of two talented wide receivers will afford the 49ers more opportunities to complete passes to their wide receiving corps. Randy Moss and Mario Manningham will add some credibility to the 49ers' offense and Moss in particular will help stretch the defense - even at his advanced age.

Signing Brandon Jacobs

While Brandon Jacobs could be seen as a questionable acquisition by some, I think that adding some veteran depth at the running back position is a good thing. Considering that Frank Gore is a valuable piece to the 49ers' offense, would you want Kendall Hunter or Anthony Dixon carrying the load if Gore goes down with injury? I know I would rather have Jacobs in the backup role and his experience as a two-time Super Bowl champion should not be over looked.

The 49ers shouldn't stop where they are. I would like to see an offensive lineman drafted or brought in to fill in for the loss of Adam Snyder. I like how they have not rested on their laurels for the upcoming season and hopefully will continue to build a perennial contender in the NFC.

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Updated Tuesday, Apr 3, 2012