Nike Unveils New Uniform for Chicago Bears: A Fan Reaction

The biggest news in the NFL today was not the most recent trade or even anything related to Tim Tebow. Making the headlines today was the unveiling of the new Nike uniforms for the NFL teams. Nike is replacing Reebok this year as the provider of the uniforms, and based on their designs for college football teams, there was much speculation as to what the new uniforms would look like. Luckily for the Chicago Bears, most of the changes are utilitarian, and will not affect the classic logo and look.

Each team had a representative at the unveiling, and the Bears sent Brian Urlacher to represent the team's interests. Urlacher tweeted his approval of the new uniforms , saying, "new jerseys are sweet…Classic Chicago Bears look." He also posted a picture of himself in the new jersey.

The new jerseys are done in a classic Bears style. The most notable difference is that the player numbers are on the shoulders instead of the sleeves, allowing for a bigger George Halas logo on the sleeves. The jerseys are more fitted than in the past, but that is as far as the obvious visual changes go. Other changes to the uniforms include a lighter belt ring, and numbers that are sewn into the fabric as opposed to sewn on to the jerseys , allowing for a more lightweight uniform.

I was apprehensive when I heard that the uniforms for the Bears were undergoing a redesign. Thoughts of the neon disaster that happened to the Seattle Seahawks a few seasons back immediately came to mind. I know that the uniform isn't the most important part of the game, and that talking fashion within the NFL is a bit ridiculous. Still, I was hoping that the Bears would not be running onto the field in anything embarrassing. Thankfully, Nike did not disappoint for the Bears.

All in all, the changes for all of the teams were mostly minor, with no big surprises. There will, I am sure, be some fans who are not happy with the changes of their teams uniforms, but I doubt that there will be many. As for this Bears fan, I am just glad that they stuck with the traditional look, and hopefully this will be the last time we talk about fashion in Halas Hall for a few years.

Whitney Levon is a Chicago native whose dedication to the Bears goes back to her first football memory; the Bears' 1985 Super Bowl victory. She has been covering the Chicago Bears and other Chicago teams since 2010.

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Updated Tuesday, Apr 3, 2012