Ryan Leaf and Five Other Football Quarterbacks Who Had High Profile Legal Problems

Ryan Leaf, a former quarterback with the San Diego Chargers, has some hefty allegations against him. It is being reported that he had been arrested on Friday, March 30, 2012. After he posted bail and was released, he was arrested again on Monday, April 02, 2012. Originally, he was charged with breaking into a home to steal prescription medication. On Monday, he was arrested for burglary and drug possession. The charges for Friday and Monday are related to entirely separate incidents. The former player was already on probation and, if the allegations turn out to be true, he may be in a significant amount of trouble. He is not the only quarterback to face high profile criminal allegations, however.

Michael Vick

Michael Vick was the quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons when he was arrested and pled guilty to dog fighting. After serving just under 2 years in prison, he was broke and forced to file for bankruptcy. He has since been able to reclaim his career. However, many football fans, and animal lovers, will never be able to forget the heinousness and cruelty of his crimes.

Charles Thompson

After becoming the starting quarterback for the University of Oklahoma in 1987, Charles Thompson quickly fell from grace. In early 1989, the talented quarterback made the headlines for allegedly dealing drugs. He pled guilty and ended up serving more than one year in prison. He was never able to regain footing in the sport. He has appeared to turn his life around and is now a family man.

Art Schlichter

In 1982, Art Schlichter was a talented quarterback who was in line to take over as the main quarterback for the Baltimore Colts in a few years. However, he was brought down due to an alleged gambling addiction. As gambling is prohibited in the NFL, his career quickly deteriorated as the extent of his problem was uncovered. After being arrested multiple times for forgery and other crimes, he was even allegedly caught gambling in prison. He has had significant legal trouble over the years.

Todd Marinovich

Though Todd Marinovich had a promising football career, and was the quarterback for the Los Angeles Raiders, his career was quickly undone by an alleged drug addiction. Once his alleged drug use was discovered, he used other individuals' urine to try to pass the tests. He was eventually forced out of the NFL. Over the years, he had a number of arrests. Each arrest, which spanned from allegations of minor infractions to allegations of drugs to an alleged sexual assault, grabbed the headlines.

Jamelle Holieway

Though Jamelle Holieway was best known for his time at quarterback for the University of Oklahoma in the late 1980s, it was 2011 that brought him back in the headlines. In late 2011, the former player had been arrested for allegedly failing to appear in court earlier in the year and having failed to appear after making bail in 2010. In 2007, he had been charged with possession of marijuana.

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Updated Tuesday, Apr 3, 2012