Warren Moon Compares Justin Blackmon to Dez Bryant, but Smart – a Fan’s Take

Sometimes it seems like everyone wants to take pot shots at the Dallas Cowboys. The latest to throw rocks is legendary Hall of Fame quarterback Warren Moon and his target is Dez Bryant.

Dez Bryant, Dallas Cowboys
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I've taken offense with some things the young Dallas receiver has said and done over the year. One of the most mind boggling things was when he said Dallas was unbeatable and they could only beat themselves. Now, I understand that Bryant was trying to remain positive but Bryant also said in the interview that playing football in the NFL was easier than playing football in college.

Now, that might make sense because Bryant didn't play as much in college as other athletes. He spent one entire year on the sidelines when the NCAA determined he was ineligible for college play after he lied to them about his interactions with Deion Sanders that may, or may not, have led to Bryant signing with an agent.

Recently he has changed agents, which might be a good idea since he is said to owe numerous creditors thousands of dollars they are suing him for.

All of that may be what led Warren Moon to his most recent comments. When talking about soon to be high draft pick Justin Blackmon, he proceeded to throw Dez Bryant under the bus.

"He's a beast, isn't he?" Moon said. "He's like Dez Bryant with all of his brain cells. He's a guy that has all those skills that Dez Bryant has, but he's not the knucklehead that Dez Bryant has turned out to be with Dallas. And a much better route runner than Dez Bryant is, but a very tremendous talent."


Ok, I understand why Moon is comparing the two receivers. They both went to Oklahoma State University and were stars for the Cowboys. However, Bryant showed promise and then flamed out when he starting hanging out with Sanders. Blackmon, on the other hand, remained clean and ended up winning the Biletnikoff Award in back-to-back years.

Bryant's best year at Oklahoma State saw him catch 87 balls for 1,480 yards and 19 touchdowns as a sophomore. Blackmon caught 111 receptions for 1782 yards and 20 touchdowns as a sophomore. He then came back and caught 121 balls for 1,522 yards and 18 touchdowns as a junior.

In his first two seasons in Dallas, Bryant has caught 108 balls for 1,489 yards and 15 touchdowns. Early word has St. Louis drafting Blackmon with the second pick in the draft if they don't trade it away. If that is true, he will be paired with young gunslinger Sam Bradford and might end up as one of the NFL's top receivers.

There is no doubting that Blackmon is great. There is just no reason to insult Bryant when making that suggestion.

Author Shawn S. Lealos has a bachelor's degree in journalism from the University of Oklahoma (2000) and has been a Dallas Cowboys' fan since he was a child. His favorite players range from Roger Staubach and Tony Dorsett to the Triplets of the 90s and he enjoys talking about all Cowboys' related news, good or bad

Source: NFL.COM

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Updated Monday, Jan 9, 2012