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Bill Belichick wants the extra point to dieThis is my favorite thing to come out of the conversation about the new kickoff rules. Bill Belichick used a kickoff question to move the conversation toward the extra point, and argued that it should be eliminated from the game, or at least greatly modified.

"Philosophically, plays that are non-plays shouldn't be in the game. I don't think it is good for the game. Extra points, when the odds are 99 percent range in extra points it is not a play. Let's move the ball back to the 15-20 yard line and not make it a tap in. Let them kick it. Same thing with the kickoff return, if you're just going to put the ball on the 20, put the ball on the 20."


Given my druthers, I'd eliminate it completely -- I don't think you'd see a lot of kicks missed from the 15 or 20, either. It saves time, it speeds the game along, and the guy in the end-zone seats with the John 3:16 sign doesn't get time to prepare for his close-up.

This is the MJD plan: Let's just make touchdowns worth seven, and if someone wants to risk a point either way, they'll have the option to trot the ball out to the 2-point conversion spot, and they'll get eight points for their touchdown if they convert, six if they don't. Hell, I say we move that back, too. I think the 6-yard-line sounds about right.

I'm with him on the kickoff, too. I'll talk more about this later, but Belichick is right. If what the NFL wants is more touchbacks, then why go halfway? Put the ball on the 20. Put it on the 25 or 30 if you want to. I'm not saying I'm anti-kickoff, I'm just saying that if the league just wants drives to start at the 20, there are ways to do that that are more efficient.

Hmm. This Belichick character. I think he might be a smart one.

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