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Until the New York Jets do something more than split the occasional season series with the New England Patriots, the word "rivalry" will overstate the team's relationship. The Pats are better head-to-head (14-6 since 2001), in the division (eight titles in the new century compared to one for the Jets) and overall (three recent Super Bowls to none). There was one thing the Jets were better at though: trash talking.

But after Wes Welker's(notes) press conference on Thursday afternoon, I'm not so sure the Jets are best at that anymore. The Patriots wide receiver managed to slip in a reference to feet in each of the questions he answered from the assembled media, a wry and hilarious dig at Rex Ryan's much-publicized love of the 10-toed body part.

Watch as Welker waxes rhapsodic about foot soldiers, toe-dipping and putting your best foot forward: 

Whereas the Jets trash talk is all about bluster and bravado, Welker went the caustic route. It was like the smart kid cutting down the bully with insults he can't understand. It was beautiful.

Your move, Rex.

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