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While Aaron Rodgers(notes) was talking to FOX's Pam Oliver after the Green Bay Packers wild-card win over the Philadelphia Eagles, he was interrupted by Philly's DeSean Jackson(notes), who proceeded to give him one of the best postgame man-hugs you'll ever see:

That's the ultimate in postgame, conciliatory handshaking: a little violence, a little showmanship and a big, genuine embrace. And how great is Rodgers: He doesn't act the least bit surprised, fully executes the hug and then gets back to the interview without missing a beat. I love it. It's how I imagine Lee surrendered to Grant at Appomattox. (And leave it to DeSean Jackson to know exactly when the camera was live on Aaron Rodgers. I can't imagine that was an accident.) 

Rodgers played a role in recruiting Jackson to play college football at Cal, but then left Berkley for the NFL before the star wideout arrived on campus. The two got to know each other anyway and still stay in touch. "Us Cal guys stick together," the Packers quarterback said this week.

As Yahoo! Sports' NFL writer Mike Silver would no doubt like to point out, Rodgers and Jackson weren't the only Cal Bears to star for playoff teams this weekend. Rodgers' former teammate, Marshawn Lynch(notes), was the weekend's biggest hero, courtesy his unbelievable 67-yard touchdown run against the New Orleans Saints. (Watch the run in Super Mario-style.)

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