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Buffalo Bills wide receiver Steve Johnson(notes) dropped an easy, game-winning touchdown pass against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday. 

After the game, Johnson placed the blame for the flub not on himself nor the pass nor the lights nor the defender nor the pressure of the situation. Nope; he blamed it on the big guy upstairs:

Players always thank God after a victory, so it's sort of refreshing to see one blame Him after a loss. Not that I think the Almighty is overly concerned with sporting events or played any role in Johnson taking his eyes off the ball, but I'm glad Steve Johnson does. It must be nice to live a consequence-free environment where all errors can be blamed on a supreme being. I'm trying that next time I get pulled over for speeding.

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The bigger question is why Johnson thinks he can't learn from this incident. Did he learn nothing from "The Dark Knight"? Sometimes a hero needs to be tested!

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Although I'm pretty sure Tweeting a passive-agressive swipe at God isn't the way a hero responds. But maybe that lesson comes in the sequel.

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