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Quickly fix your eyes on Ravens running back Ray Rice(notes) when the ball is snapped, because Joe Flacco(notes) gets all the replay love. Rice, all 5-foot-8 of him, stomps a mudhole in Jets cornerback Donald Strickland(notes) on his way out of the backfield, and then ends up making the reception -- again in front of Strickland.

This one's not going on Donald Strickland's highlight reel.

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It was one of the few examples of offensive proficiency in Sunday night's game. Most plays that started out looking like that one -- hell, most plays in the game, even -- ended in interceptions or quarterback fumbles.

It's reminiscent of when Maurice Jones-Drew did this to Shawne Merriman. Rice's victim wasn't as big, but he did keep going to make a play to move the sticks. Rice, like Jones-Drew, isn't the biggest guy in the world, but he's a little heap of solid muscle, and he doesn't mind getting in a dude's face.

Rice is fast, skilled and physical. Few players in the league are more fun to watch than him. He finished with 130 yards from scrimmage Sunday night.

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