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Lane Kiffin probably figures that if he's going to get fired from his job as Raiders coach, he might as well do it with some style. With one second remaining in the first half of today's game against San Diego, Kiffin called for a 76-yard field goal from Sebastian Janikowski. Yes, seventy-six; as in, three-quarters of a football field, 76. As in, 13 yards longer than the NFL record for longest field goal, 76. As in, for real, Lane?

The kick, not surprisingly, fell short. It might have seemed like a harmless, tongue-in-cheek attempt, but the fact that the opposing teams can return missed field goals back for touchdowns made the try a bit dangerous. Throw in the fact that San Diego's Antonio Cromartie, who scored on an NFL record 109 yard return of a missed FG last year, was back to catch Janikowski's miss, and Kiffin's decision becomes downright stupid.

Some might say Kiffin is playing with house money, since he's likely to be fired soon anyway. But that's not a fair comparison, since those with house money have actually won something. Instead, Kiffin is more like a guy who got $500 worth of chips in a casino and only has a $20 chip left, so he decided to throw it all down on black 11 at the roulette table.

The NFL doesn't seem to keep records for the longest field goal attempt, but it's tough to imagine that anyone has ever attempted anything as long as Janikowski today. Frankly, it'd be surprising if there's ever been any 70+ yard attempt. After today, it might be a long while before we see another.

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