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I'm a big fan of reclamation projects and redemption stories. You know, guy finds success, guy becomes troubled, guy develops a major drug problem, guy falls off the end of the world, guy gets his life back together and then the whole world joins hands and sings ... that kind of thing.

But even I, upon hearing the news that the Dolphins have brought in uber-troubled quarterback Quincy Carter for a workout, first thought, "Boy, that's a really bad sign for the Dolphins."

After being a 2nd-round NFL draft pick, starting for the Cowboys as a rookie, and eventually leading them to the playoffs, Carter's career took a turn.

After a brief stint with the Jets, some drug problems and a bipolar disorder, Carter was cut by the Montreal Allouettes of the Canadian League, cut by the Bossier-Shreveport Battle Wings of the arenafootball2, and most recently played for the Kansas City Brigade of the Arena League.

And now, here he is, once again working out for an NFL team. I'm happy for him. Of course, he's still a long, long, long way from making a roster, but that he's even sharing a field again with NFL players is amazing.

Still, the overriding thought in my head is, "Quincy Carter? Goodness gracious. John Beck, Chad Henne, and Josh McCown, you should all feel much shame. Who are the Dolphins bringing in next, John Friesz?"

Maybe it's just Bill Parcells doing a favor for an old quarterback of his, throwing him a bone and helping to get his name out there in NFL circles again. But I hope it's more than that, as I truly hope that Quincy Carter's got his life together, he's up with hope, down with dope, and ready to reach his potential as a person.

Gracias, FanHouse.

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