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Yesterday, we had a story about Broncos wide receiver Brandon Marshall slipped on a McDonalds bag, and injured his arm by smashing it through an entertainment center. Some doubted his story. I didn't. I thought it was too wacky and embarrassing to be made up.

I was wrong. He did make it up. Marshall says now that he did put his arm through a TV stand, but he did so while wrestling around with his family.

Yeah, playfully wrestling with your family (unless he was doing it in a Pittsburgh Steeler kind-of-way) is way more embarrassing than slipping on a McDonalds bag that was tossed on the floor.

What the hell, Brandon Marshall? If you're going to make something up, make up something that makes you look better, not worse. Tell me you fell while carrying a child from a burning building. Tell me you hurt it while trying to lift a school bus off of an old lady who was pinned underneath.

What is real, though, is the damage to his arm. The NFL Network says Marshall had "severed an artery, a vein, and a nerve in his forearm along with tendons to five muscles."

My goodness. That makes me think he made up the part about the entertainment center, too. It sounds more like he fell into a giant blender full of machetes. I could at least understand why he'd lie about that, because yes, it would be terribly irresponsible to wrestle with your children near a giant blender full of machetes.

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