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If nothing else, the Buffalo Bills won’t look as stupid this year

Officially committing to mothballs some of the most atrocious uniforms the NFL has ever seen, the Buffalo Bills unveiled a new look on Friday night.

The home jerseys return to a more traditional royal blue shade, with contrasting white pants. The road jerseys are white shirts on white pants, and both come with a white helmet with the charging buffalo logo. It's a lot like a uniform they previously wore in 1975.

If you're not surprised by any of this, it might be because EA Sports ruined the surprise for everyone back in April.

Still, I say it's a day worth celebrating, because these and these, the monstrosities that have been burning my optic nerves since 2002, are now dead. The shade of blue on the jersey did not match the shade of blue in the logo, and the stripes down the side of the pants had absolutely nothing to do with the stripes down the side of the jersey. The road uniforms had a blue bib type of thing around the neck and shoulders, and the home uniforms had a stripe there for no apparent reason. They were the least attractive things to ever emerge from Buffalo, and that includes Jeffrey Jones.

I salute the change, Bills organization. The NFL is a more aesthetically pleasing place for it.

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