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• Prepare to say goodbye to Ricky Williams after next season. He signed a a one-year extension with the Dolphins, and plans on walking away after next season. I'm looking forward to those career retrospectives.

• Contrary to the initial reports from yesterday, Raiders cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha says he won't miss the season opener against the Chargers. He may be playing in a cast, though, Cowboy Bob Orton-style.

Charles Rogers(notes), former Detroit Lions wide receiver who used to blow every day, might now be blowing in Canada. More specifically, in Winnipeg, where he'd be a teammate of Pacman Jones. If I lived in Winnipeg, and this was all a gimmick to sell season tickets, it would absolutely be working on me.

• The NFL is in the process of deciding whether or not Brett Favre should be fined for his low hit on Texans safety Eugene Wilson(notes).

Cedric Benson(notes) says that he's ready and primed to prove that last year's success with the Bengals was no fluke. Because I'm an idiot, I believe him.

• The Lions were the lucky team to claim Kevin O'Connell off waivers. It seems like an odd little transaction, though, since they only have a need for another quarterback as long as Daunte Culpepper(notes) and Drew Stanton(notes) are hobbled. As soon as they're healthy, are they just going to release him again?

Casey Hampton(notes) is talking like this will be his last season with the Steelers.

• The Broncos are keeping an eye peeled on the Jets for any potential tampering with Brandon Marshall.

• Looking for a little variety in your fantasy football life? Try Fantasy UnSports, where players get points for things like shredding their toes on some strange kind of carpet, or trying to cripple Texans safeties.

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