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David Nelson’s girlfriend will cheer for other men on SundayIf Buffalo Bills wide receiver David Nelson(notes) scores a touchdown on Sunday, he may glance around Cowboys Stadium in search of his girlfriend. If he's able to find her, though, the look he gets back might be a little grumpier and more pouty than he'd like.

She's a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader.

That's her in the picture on the right. Her name is Kelsi Reich, she likes country music, spinach-stuffed tortellini, and she can hold Skittles in her dimples. She's been a Cowboys cheerleader for four years, and she is scalding hot.

Nelson is aware of her conflict of interest, but, if the opportunity presents itself, might still be looking to have some fun with her if he finds the end zone. From the Inside the Bills blog:

"If I'm in the area where she is I'm sure I'll have something planned for that, but I also don't want to get her in too much trouble. [...] I obviously couldn't get in trouble, but she could. I'm discussing some things and try to surprise her a little bit if maybe something happens." [...]

"I want to do something that hasn't been done before, but the situation has to be right. I'm not a big celebration guy when I score, but this is a special situation and if something happens I'll be looking to enjoy the situation."

I am curious to see what he has planned, so I hope he's able to find one of the omnipresent holes in the Cowboys secondary. He says it won't be a proposal, which is probably a good idea, because if she said no, I'd imagine he'd be a bit distracted for the rest of the game.

They're both from Texas -- Nelson from Wichita Falls and Reich from The Woodlands. It's only Nelson's second year in the league, so his lady is actually more of a veteran than he is. This will be the first time in Nelson's career that he's faced the Cowboys.

Gracias, Larry Brown Sports.

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