Zoe Lister-Jones, Adam Palley, and Fred Armisen Rock Out as The Dirty Dishes in Music Video for 'Band Aid' Movie

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Music is the force that helps a warring married couple cope with tragedy in Band Aid, a musical romantic comedy that’s in theaters now and headed to VOD tomorrow. Written, directed, and headlined by Zoe Lister-Jones, and co-starring Adam Pally and Fred Armisen, it’s a unique take on the genre from a woman’s point of view — and one that boasts some impressive tunes to boot. Now, ahead of its online premiere, you can check out an amusingly stylish music video from “The Dirty Dishes,” the film’s fictional band comprised of Lister-Jones, Pally, and Armisen (watch it above).

The clip for the song “Love and Lies” was directed by Lister-Jones, who told Yahoo Movies‘ Kevin Polowy in a recent Facebook Live chat (alongside Pally; watch a replay below) that the idea for the project grew out of songwriting in her free time. “I love writing music and writing lyrics, and I wanted to find a story that had music at its center,” she explained. “I do think music is very therapeutic, and I think the issues that plague couples in relationships are universal, so I thought it’d be really fun if those issues were explored through song.”

Fans interested in seeing more of Lister-Jones and The Dirty Dishes in action won’t have to wait long, as the film — already showing in select theaters nationwide — debuts on VOD tomorrow, June 9.

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