Zendaya Has Revamped Her Italian Bob to a Mocha Chocolate Hue... Fall Has Officially Begun

Many of us are soaking up the last few days of summer, but of course we're bookmarking our fave A-listers who are ahead of the game and serving us fall hair and makeup inspo. It should be no surprise that Zendaya is ahead of all the girlies, letting us know it's time to take our tresses back dark...Yes, it's time.

The star has been in an espresso brown shade for the last several months but tapped her colorist Sarah Shears to take her down to a mocha chocolate shade, opting into the hair color trend that has been the tea among celebs since 2021. Zendaya took to her Instagram stories in a cutesy white tee, with her strands freshly blow-dried and bob side-parted, captioning the picture: "Needed a little refresh. At this point, I'm screaming and throwing up as it's a sheer display of classic "it-girl" realness.

Of course as the seasons change, it's tradition to go darker. The look evokes those fall vibes and complements the earth and neutral tones you'll inadvertently switch over to. But it's all based on how you feel. If you want to go bright, then that's right. If you want to go dark, we'll be a part.

Zendaya Fall 2023 Hair Color Trends Mocha Chocolate
Zendaya Fall 2023 Hair Color Trends Mocha Chocolate