Zendaya Comments On Boyfriend Tom Holland's 'Sexiest' Photo

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Zendaya Comments On Boyfriend Tom Holland's PicAlbert L. Ortega - Getty Images

Actor Tom Holland had his 27th birthday on June 1, and he celebrated by sharing the “sexiest” photo of himself on Instagram. It was a big hit, especially with his girlfriend, Zendaya.

In the picture, Holland is wearing a bunch of gear, including a wetsuit, helmet, goggles, and a pair of floppy shoes. He looks ready for something adventurous, but not particularly suave.

“Thank you for all the wonderful birthday messages,” Holland wrote in the caption. “A gift from me to you. I thought I’d share possibly the sexiest picture ever taken of me!”

He hashtagged the pic #sexyiestmanalive

Clearly, Zendaya agrees; she left a heart eyed emoji in the comments.

She also shared a couple photos celebrating her man in her Instagram Stories, one where he's popping out of the ocean and making a heart shape with his hands, and another where he's standing in front of the water on some rocks. They both looked like sweet moments they've shared together this year during their relationship. And she celebrated him on the timeline with a beautiful black and white portrait.

The couple tend to keep their relationship pretty private, but they like to leave each other supportive messages on social media.

“I've always been really adamant to keep my private life private because I share so much of my life with the world anyway,” Holland told GQ in November 2021. “We sort of felt robbed of our privacy. I don't think it's about not being ready. It's just that we didn't want to.”

Zendaya had her own interview with GQ, and echoed the sentiment.

“When you really love and care about somebody, some moments or things, you wish were your own,” said the Spider-Man star. “I think loving someone is a sacred thing and a special thing and something that you want to deal with and go through and experience and enjoy amongst the two people that love each other.”

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