Yungblud says he will provide a mental health safe space for fans on tour

Yungblud has revealed he will be playing new music on tour along with introducing increased safety measures for fans.

The 25-year-old rock musician, whose real name is Dominic Harrison, kicked off Yungblud: The World Tour at Cardiff International Arena last Thursday.

As part of his series of gigs throughout the UK, Europe and the US he is offering specialist mental health support for fans attending his concerts.

During the shows, a safe space – which will have qualified councillors, alongside a helpdesk to answer any questions will be available – and an email helpline outside the arenas will provide help.

Yungblud spoke to the PA news agency about additional safety measures he is putting in place to prevent physical harm coming to fans following recent concert deaths.

He said: “We’re basically building our stage like it is at a festival, (we’re) putting a runway down the middle of it, to split the crowd out because I know a lot of people feel unsafe because like my gigs go f****** nuts.”

However, Yungblud added he still wants fans to express themselves while providing additional security.

He added: “I think I want to really set an example because the energy is missing in music, I believe because, as f****** artists, sometimes the responsibility isn’t there.”

Other musicians like US singer Billie Eilish and rapper Travis Scott have stopped performances to make sure fans are safe.

In November 2021, ten people died and thousands more were injured as fans surged toward the stage when Scott headlined the Astrowold music festival in Texas.

Scott said he did not know people were hurt.

In December, two people died as fans without tickets tried to enter a show by Nigerian artist Asake at Brixton O2 Academy in south London.

Since the tragedy, Security Industry Authority (SIA) has launched an inquiry, there is a police probe into the incident and in January the venue had its licence suspended for three months while the investigation continues.

Yungblud also spoke about taking a couple of months away from social media and out of the public eye to record his upcoming album.

He said: “I suffer from bad anxiety and panic attacks and if I get up and I feel the air on my face and I smell some coffee and I go on a walk and I literally f****** look the person in the eye and actually see them. I’m a lot happier.”

“But I love being on the internet too because that’s how I communicate with my fan base.”

When asked whether he would play new songs from the album in development, Yungblud said: “I’m going to do what the f*** I want, they deserve it. I’m so sick of the rules like the music industry puts on you, like you don’t f****** matter anymore.

“If I want to play a new song I’ll play it (and) if I’m going to put some out, I’m going to play it.”

He also said he also wants the thousands of fans at his arena gigs to “feel seen” in the crowd.

“We have multiple stunts and multiple kind of immersive experiences throughout the show,” Yungblud added.

Yungblud: The World Tour will be at the Utilita Arena Sheffield on Friday and at the OVO Arena Wembley in London on Saturday before heading to European cities.

The tour ends in Kansas City, Missouri in July.